OUR APPROACH – is time tested and specific to helping individuals and families empower themselves. We do this by coaching them on how to remove attitudes, beliefs, habits, generational behaviors and other psychological obstacles to healing; by fostering self help techniques for optimizing emotional balance; by providing an understanding of the root causes of old sabotaging behaviors, and by teaching them how to make new choices to support high achievement living.

Individual/Family/Group Therapy – Our ultimate goal is to increase the individual’s ability to obtain the highest degree of independence and co-existence possible, while promoting self-respect, dignity and personal choice. It is our mission to assist in attaining a quality of life that is no less than our own.  We achieve this by providing comprehensive and best practice services that are individualized to meet the specific needs of all individuals (and families) served. MEDICAID, AMERIGROUP AND WELLCARE accepted (Consumers w/o insurance: Sessions run between $80 to $130/session, Cash sliding scale available) *VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card Accepted*  (Medicaid Transport Available)

Anger Management Sessions for Individual and Groups – Anger is a normal human emotion, but when it is mismanaged it can be very destructive to the angry person and to the recipient of the anger outburst as well. Social Concepts and Development Services will help you learn what ANGER is, why humans get angry, what are some of the common misconceptions, and how can you manage your anger. Assessment: $75.00, (12 Classes) Individual 1 Hour Sessions: $40.00, Group 1 Hour Sessions: $25.00 or (6 Classes) Individual 2 Hour Sessions: $70.00, Group 2 Hour Sessions: $45.00  *VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card Accepted* Note: We do not accept checks and all payments are due prior to the start of each session.

Advocacy – Whether there is DFCS involvement, a senior citizen, or a parent/caregiver in need, we can provide the assistance you need to provide stability to any situation.

School Intervention Services-if your child is experiencing ongoing conflict in school which requires frequent calls from the administration, we can be the intermediary by attending meetings, obtaining information and following up the school’s recommendations.

Community Service Referrals- Referrals will be made based on the needs.  We will provide full contact information and make an initial contact to the service provider. It is our goal to match you with the right service provider, the first time around.