Anger Management Program

Choice-based Anger Control is designed to empower you to take control of your life by developing strategies and techniques to calm the anger within.   Choice-based Anger Control is based on a simple philosophy: “Our lives are the sum total of our choices and actions.”  As human beings, our total existence is determined by the daily choices we make—in essence we choose our way through life.  We are responsible for choosing the direction, meaning, and purpose for our lives.  Choice-based Anger Control’s premise is that a transformed mind leads to a transformed life.  In essence, anger control is about transforming our lives by our choices and actions and developing the skills for making quality choices that lead to positive personal growth and development.

We have anger management programs for teens, adults and the workplace.

The Choice-Based Anger Control Program was developed by Gary Byrd, M.Ed. MAC, CCS, CAMS—Chief Executive Officer of High Impact Training and Counseling, Inc.

Social Concepts and Development Services provide three different class formats:

imageAnger Management Group Sessions: These sessions run every week. Sessions are conducted on Wednesday mornings from 10:30 am to 11:30 am and Wednesday, nights from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.  Each program participant must complete an intake/assessment prior to starting the program.



imageClassified Anger Management Program: Our Classified Program is designed for those individuals who would prefer or need a private setting.  Such individuals may include but are not limited to: High Profile Public Individuals, Physicians, Law Enforcement, High Level Executive Personnel.  The cost for this program is (12 classes) $40.00 per 1 hour session (6 classes) $70 per 2 hour session. Each program participant must complete an intake/assessment prior to starting the program.

Call (770) 485-1333 or (678) 338-9687 to register or for more information

Documentation can be provided to the court or referring agency, including your assessment, attendance, and a certificate of completion.

All assessments: $75.00, (12 Classes) Individual 1 Hour Session: $40.00, Group 1 Hour Session: $25.00 (6 Classes) Individual 2 Hour Session: $70.00, Group 2 Hour Session: $45.00  

*VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card Accepted*

Note: We do not accept checks and all payments are due prior to the start of each session.